Preset types

  • General Preset
    General Presets can be used throughout the application.
  • Project-specific Preset
    Project-specific Presets are only available for the project that the preset was created and saved in.

It is possible to change a General Preset into a Project-specific preset and vice-versa.

Saving presets

Tap the options button at the top-left corner of the Filter page and select 'Save current filter' from the menu (this option is at the top of the list). In the dialog box you can give the preset a name and select wether it's a General Preset or Project-Specific Preset. Tap on the SAVE button to save the preset.

Loading presets


Changing presets

You can change the name and type of a preset by .

Note that Filter Presets are not synchronised across devices and are not available when using the Web Readout.