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Device Activation

Device activation is only applicable to accounts that have purchased Setellite Standalone.

When you have an account with a Standalone purchase you need to verify on which device(s) you want to use your account. Setellite can only be active on two devices at the same time. When two devices are already active and you login to a new device, you first need to deactivate an active device before you can start using Setellite on the new device.

When logging into a device for the first time with your account you'll see the screen above where you can manage the activations of your devices.

  1. Active devices
    This section displays the currently active devices.
  2. Current Device
    If your device is currently inactive it is displayed in this section.
  3. Deactivate button
    Deacativate the corresponding device for your account.
  4. Activate button
    Activate the current device for your account.
  5. Dismiss button
    Dismiss the 'Active Device Manager' and return to the login screen.

When tapping the activate button the device will try to activate itself. When this succeeds the device will appear in the 'Active Devices' section and you can start to use the application (the 'Dismiss' button will change in a 'Continue' button). Activation might fail however if there is no internet connection or the device has been deactivated before. Note that when two devices are already active, the 'Activate' button will be greyed out and won't be enabled until you deactivate a device. To deactivate a device, find the device you no longer want to use in the 'Active devices' list and tap on the red button next to its name.

It is also possible to deactivate a specific device from your user account page in the application.

If you deactivate a device you cannot activate it again (until you completely remove and reinstall the application on that device). Deactivating therefor makes it impossible to ever access the data inside Setellite on that device again so be sure you really want to deactivate the device before doing so.