The dashboard functions as a cover for your project and is Setellite’s ‘homepage’.

The website mirrors almost all options of the dashboard, but buttons are located differently. In general, the website maintains a clear hierarchy with menus at the top featuring system wide options and menus below focussing on project specific options.

To explain all features in more detail, we will use the structure of the app:

  1. The Project Manager at the top reveals a dropdown which shows all your projects and lets you create new projects. It also allows you to select which Projects are synchronised with the current device.
  2. The Synchronisation Status shows the current status of the synchronisation.
  3. The top banner provides general information of your project such as its title, the number of slates and references, start and end dates and a custom image banner. Swipe, or use the left and right arrows, to browse through your projects.

On the website, you can find these options under the ‘Projects’ button in the top menu.

  1. This pane displays the credits and technical details of the production. Swipe through the different cards to reveal more details. You can edit this information under Project details.
  2. These buttons take you to the various Project Features of the selected project. See the Project Features Overview for more info.
  3. Your Account (displays your name) let's you review and edit your account details such as your name, profile and current subscription. The Library is the main source for all cameras, lenses, filters and presets.
  4. An important feature of Setellite is the bar at the bottom, consisting of the Quick Select Bar and
  5. the REC (Record) button which are visible at all times (app only).