The Library is project-independent and linked to your account. If you need to, you can add a new camera, lens or filter to the Library. This camera, lens or filter can be found under ‘Custom’ in the library and is available for selection in the Gear section of all your projects. It will also be available for future projects.

Your library can also contain items under the Shared divider that were created by other Setellite users you are currently collaborating on projects with.

To add a new Library item:

  1. Press and hold to expand the Cameras, Lenses or Filters button and select ‘New’ (1)
  2. By default the new item’s name will be ‘Unknown Brand Unknown Model’. Change the item’s name and specs by editing the appropriate fields. For Cameras, you can fill out resolutions, formats and ISO ratings that will appear as presets whenever applicable. For lenses you can choose a minimum and maximum focal length, depending on whether it's a prime or zoom lens.

On the website: click the ‘+’ symbol.

To delete a Library item:

  1. Swipe over the name of the item and tap the ‘Delete’ button that appears

On the website: click the desired item and the cross in the red box on the far right of the bar.

All items that are part of Setellite’s default Library and Custom Cameras not created by you can not be erased.


Apart from Cameras, Lenses and Filters, the Library offers two more categories: Presets and Recent Entries.

Presets (2) display all the presets for the various fields you come across when using Setellite. This can range from fields displayed under ‘Main’ such as Element Type and Weather, to take camera specific details like Framerate and Shutter Angle. Currently, these items can not be altered (add, edit, remove) but might be in the near future.

Recent Entries

Displays values you’ve entered throughout the app for different fields (3). These entries are stored to be able to offer them back to you as presets (under the ‘Recent’ option of the calculator). A maximum of 8 values is stored per field and are only available on the current device.