The Main fields allow you to enter general information of the current slate such as the slate’s number, timestamp and vfx-work. A large portion of the Summary is dedicated to the info entered here. Some fields will also appear on the Slateboard.

1. 'Main Ticket' Attributes

Slate Number
Setellite automatically numbers slates sequentially, adopting the logic of the sequence already in place. A new slate after 187 becomes 188, a new slate after 12b becomes 12c.
Available if the project is divided into smaller segments. For TV series this is called episodes. Define which blocks/episodes to choose from under ‘Project Details’.
Scene Number
The production’s scene number of which the slate is part of
Storyboard Number
Referring to any externally used storyboard covering this slate or scene. All characters are allowed, including dashes, slashes, etc.
Which Unit is involved in shooting the current slate.
By default the slate’s creation date and time. Can be altered to match the moment of recording. Preset for ‘Now’ is offered.
Shoot Day
Which day of the shoot the slate is being shot. E.g. shooting day 5, 25, 70. Requires a number.
VFX Shot
Any referencing to an already existing list with vfx shot-numbers can be entered here. All characters are allowed.
VFX Work
Common, basic presets are offered by Setellite, but custom input is also allowed.
Limited to INT, EXT and INT/EXT
Script Time
In-story indication of time (often related to light). Setellite offers some basic suggestions.
Script Location
In-story indication of location. Setellite offers some basic suggestions.
Shot Description
E.g. ‘Grant runs towards camera while the T-Rex appears in the background, emerging from the mostly collapsed wall’.
Set Location
The physical location the slate is being shot. E.g. ‘Studio A’.
Element Type
What type of element is currently being shot, for instance a pass in front of chroma or a reference shot.
Set Media
Any object or item used for referencing or obtaining visual (technical) information such as ‘Markers’ or a ‘Color Chart’.
The weather situation at the time of the slate’s recording.
The owner or person responsible for the information added to the current slate. When collaborating with multiple users on the same project, this may differ from slate to slate. When creating a new slate the currently logged in user is automatically filled out.
HDRi Filename
Any HDRi information obtained during the shoot can be referenced here. Most common file types (indicated at the start of an individual file) are offered as presets.