Your Account

Here, you can review your account details and current subscription.

Account settings like subscription type, team configuration and payment details can only be edited on the website.

'Personal Details': fill out your personal details such as name, company name and logo. Company name and logo appear on your PDF exports.

'Synchronization Settings' allow you to choose whether or not your data will be synchronised and if you want to limit synchronisation when your iPad is connected to a WiFi network only. You can select these synchronisation options individually for references or main data. The website deviates from the iPad app, for it has no synchronisation options.

Synchronizing references like photos and videos over 3G/4G can consume a lot of data. Please enable ‘Sync only when connected to a WiFi network’ to prevent Setellite synchronising over your cellular network.

'Application Preferences' offers several personal perferences for the application. Here you can select which measurement unit is used by default when filling out data on Takes and in what format the date and time are displayed throughout the app. 'Duplicate Slate' allows you to select what data is copied from the source Slate when you're duplicating a Slate. You can also set this setting to 'Ask every time' and you'll be prompted whenever you duplicate a Slate. 'Slate auto-increment' determines on which slate the slate number increments when creating a new Slate (highest slatenumber, last edited slate or the currently selected slate). If you set 'Auto fillout empty 'to'-values' to yes, the 'from' value of fields in Takes will be automatically filled out as the 'to'-value whenever the 'to'-value is empty.

'Purchase Details' (1) shows what type of subscription is currently active. Your ‘Payment History’ (2) provides a log of your transactions. The amount will be charged from your credit card on the same date you initially started the subscription.

If you have chosen an annual subscription type, the amount will be charged once a year on the same date you initially started the subscription.

'Logout' (3) exits the app and brings up the Login dialogue again.

Depending on the size of the projects the new user is linked to, downloading can take some time and can consume a lot of data. Being connected to a wifi network when performing a user switch is therefore recommended.

Please be aware that switching users will remove the local data on the iPad and retrieve the data for the new user. Data stored online will remain available to the user who is leaving the app.

Personal Promo Code

You can earn $5,- credit by inviting your friends and/or network connections to sign up for Setellite and share with them your personal promo code that they can apply during signup.

Every new user who uses the promo code, earns both you and the referral a $5,- credit!