Project Manager

The Project Manager allows you to select which Projects are synchronised with the current device. The Project Manager will also be presented automatically after you've signed in on a device for the first time.

To use the Project Manager, you must be connected to the internet.

The Project Manager will first download a list of all the Projects associated with your account from the server. The then presented list is divided in two parts: Project on the Device; and Projects On the Server. By tapping the yellow + buttons you can add more Projects to your device, by tapping the red X button you can remove Projects from your device. Projects that will be either removed or added are highlighted. No Projects will be actually removed or added before you tap SYNC.

When tapping SYNC you'll be prompted before the actual process starts. Note that adding a Project to the device might take a long time as it needs to be downloaded and processed. Removing a Project only removes it from the device, the Project will still be available on the Web Readout.