Setellite’s integrated Slateboard is a fully functional ‘clapperboard’ (without the actual clapper function) that can be used to offer additional vfx-related information at the beginning of a recording.

  1. The Slateboard will always show info related to a Slate. When opened from the Project Dashboard, the last active Slate will be used.
  2. All fields, except the ‘Note’ bar in the middle, are drawn from general project info, current date and time and the information added to the slate by the user..
  3. Credit information in the lower portion of the Slateboard is drawn from the Credits entered under Project Details > Credits.
  4. The large timer can display common TC or frames by toggling the stacked buttons on the right and can be started and stopped by the button in the upper left corner.
  5. Pressing anywhere in the lower portion on the Slateboard (except the Note bar), runs a series of cards for just a couple of frames.
  6. Select the duration of the cards and which attributes to show under ‘Settings’. If the card duration is set to a low frame number like 1 or 2 (so showing all the attributes will take a very small amount of time to display on set), the cards will follow up extremely fast, but can be read during editing by cycling through them frame by frame.