Notes (project)

All your production notes are accessible here. General notes you make (not linked to a slate, camera, take or reference) are called Project Notes and are exclusively available under this button, but it also collects all your notes made throughout the project. Notes can belong to the following categories (the colored vertical bar indicates the category the note originated from).

  • Project notes (general, unrelated to slates) | Cyan colored bars
  • Main | Green colored bars
  • Camera (camera specific) | Blue colored bars
  • Takes (take specific) | Orange colored bars
  • References (reference specific) | Brown colored bars

To add a new Note

Tap the ‘+’ symbol on top of the left pane (similar on the website).

To delete a Note

Swipe to the left on an individual note and press the revealed ‘Delete’ button.

On the website: press the cross in the red box.